Cat Tail Tales

Cat Tail Tales - Catzonia

Every part of a cat's body serves a purr-pose and kitty's tail is no exception. As most of you know the tail plays a impurr-tant role in helping a cat balance. The tail is also one of a cat's tool for communicating with us hoomans.

A cat's tail are actually an extension of their spine and the vertebrae (bones) in the tail have a role in bowel control.

Balancing cat act

The tail plays an instrumental role in balance as they serve as a counterbalance when they walk their way on narrow spaces or navigate their way through their hooman's stuff.

But what about a cat who is born without a tail or loses it's tail due to an injury? Do they just flop over if they can't balance themselves? Well these resilient felines who are born without tails like Manx cats learn how to balance without them and they are thought to have a sensitive vestibular apparatus in their ears to help them with their balance.

Cat's with injuries that require tail amputation can also also learn how to balance themselves without a tail.


Besides meowing, a cat can also communicate with hoomans via it's tail and a few of these cues have been deciphered as follows:-

Tail up : Hooman you may approach me
Tail up and vibrating: Hooman, I'm so happy and excited to see you Flailing/thumping tail : Don't come so close to me hooman

🐈Tail swishing back and forth : "Hooman come play with me." or "Hooman, I'm frustrated with you."

🐈Fur on tail bristles : Defenses up

🐈Tail tucked in between legs : Scaredy cat (fearful)

🐈Tail high and bristled : Fight mode, on! Come near me if you dare, hooman.

Other functions of a cat's tail is to help them judge distances and larger breed cats such as Mainecoons use their tail as a source if warmth in the cold by wrapping their tail around their body.