Catzonia was founded with a clear mission and vision, driven by the personal experiences and aspirations of its founder, Syahir Zainal.


Our Mission

At Catzonia, we redefine the concept of pet care by creating a sanctuary that mirrors the comfort and love of home. Our mission is to provide unparalleled comfort and personalized attention to every feline guest, ensuring their happiness and well-being during their stay. Our services, which include top-notch grooming, boarding, and an array of exclusive merchandise, are delivered with a deep understanding and love for cats. Through our innovative approach and commitment to excellence, we aspire to be the global standard in cat hospitality, creating a haven where every cat is treated like royalty.


Our Vision

Catzonia is committed to setting a global precedent in feline welfare and care. Our vision is to be the leading advocate and innovator in the cat industry, championing advanced, ethical, and sustainable practices. We aim to create a world where the physical, emotional, and social needs of cats are not just met, but exceeded, through cutting-edge solutions and compassionate care. Our ultimate goal is to foster a deeper understanding and respect for felines, thereby promoting a culture of responsible and informed pet owner


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