Catzonia was founded with a clear mission and vision, driven by the personal experiences and aspirations of its founder, Syahir Zainal. Here’s an overview of why Catzonia was created:

Filling a Personal Need: The idea for Catzonia was born from Syahir Zainal’s own need for a safe and reliable place for his cats. As an engineer busy with his career, he struggled to find an appropriate facility for his cats that met his standards. This personal challenge inspired the concept of Catzonia, a place where cat owners could trust that their pets would be cared for with the highest level of attention and safety.

Vision to Transform Pet Care: Syahir Zainal’s vision extended beyond just solving a personal problem. He aimed to transform the global pet industry. By stepping down from his engineering career and focusing on building Catzonia, he sought to create a unique space that would set new standards in pet care, particularly for cats. This vision was supported by winning first place for funding under TERAJU, enabling the realization of his dream.

Creating a Home Away from Home: Catzonia’s growth and expansion are rooted in the philosophy of making each cat feel at home and stress-free. This philosophy is evident in the design of each outlet, which adheres to the CatzoTech concept, prioritizing the comfort of cats during their stay. The goal is to create an environment where cats can feel relaxed and cared for, just like they would be at their own home.

Innovative Services and Care: Catzonia was among the first in Malaysia to introduce spa services for cats, reflecting a commitment to improving cats’ health through regular spa treatments. Using premium shampoos and natural ingredients beneficial for feline wellness, Catzonia set a new standard in pet care, especially with its innovative spa services. This innovation is part of Catzonia’s commitment to providing top-tier services and treatments for cats.

Personal Touch and Comfort: The facilities at Catzonia, including spacious, comfortable rooms, ample play areas, and the provision of premium foods, are all designed to ensure that cats feel loved and not lonely. The emphasis on creating a nurturing environment reflects the founder’s commitment to providing a space where cats are not just cared for but are also given the affection and attention they need


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