Below are the questions that get asked on a regular basis which you may find useful before contacting us.

Certainly- it may seem less stressful for you when you are able to see where your cat will stay. We strongly encourage new or prospective customers to come and look around the cattery so that they can see the facilities and serene surroundings that we offer. It also provides a chance for them to meet us and to chat about their cat’s needs.

Yes. We have many indoor cats that stay with us and are completely happy and at home in our cat hotel. If you wish to have your cat released outside their room and make friends with other cats, that is completely allowed. Our whole cat hotel is cat-proof and we ensure that they can stay as comfortable as they are used to at home.

Yes. Our cat units are large enough to allow them to play and climb. Each unit has a scratching post. We spend time with all cats each day and can provide toys and other play items to stimulate interest. Of course, feel free to bring your cat’s favorite toys with them!

We have lots of ‘first timers’ – from small cats to very elderly cats and they usually settle very well with the proper care and attention. We also have a high level of returning customers and a lot of customers come to us through ‘word of mouth’ recommendations and of course through our google and facebook reviews and actively advertising in local news and magazines.

We have an enclosed indoor section where it is temperature-controlled. The enclosed indoor section is spacious and allows each cat to play around freely whilst remaining completely separated from cats they don’t get along with. All cats have their own playtime in their schedule. We separate them according to how well they get along with each other. If you prefer your cat to stay inside their room, that is allowed too. As long as your cat is happy and comfortable!

My kitten is full of energy and used to running around and playing. I’m worried he/she will get bored in a cattery while I’m away.

Most kittens settle really quickly and we always pay particular attention to them to ensure they have plenty of play time. Always remember to bring toys for them to play with.

Cats are very adaptable by nature and in the majority of cases, they settle very quickly to their new surroundings. As long as they have a comfy bed, good food, water and lots of love they are perfectly happy. As cat owners ourselves we take pride in being able to make your cat’s stay in the hotel as comfortable and as happy as possible.

Yes. We are happy to follow any special instructions you have regarding your cat’s dietary intake provided you bring the cats special diet food. We stock many different foods but may not be able to get supplies of special prescription diets that are provided by vets. We are happy to follow any special instructions you have regarding your cat’s dietary intake.

We provide all the essential items for your cat to use and so there is no requirement for you to provide anything. However, we don’t mind if you prefer to bring some extra bedding or a rug or jumper with you as the familiar scents will help your cat to settle. Some cat units have a scratch post available.

We always take full contact details of your cat’s vet at the time of booking just in case anything happens while you are away. We also request as much detail as possible of any past and current medical conditions. In the event of any illness, we always make every effort to contact you to keep you informed of what is happening.

If your cat is ill we prefer where possible to take the cat to his/ her usual vet. This is because the vet has the full medical history particularly in long term conditions and also because we know you have full faith in the vet you have chosen. We are happy to take the cat to the vet if required and to administer any medicines that have been prescribed. Our own local vet is also on hand to attend any emergency at the cattery if needed.

Yes. We allow only vaccinated cats into our facility. Cats that have not been neutered/spayed should stay in their own room for they have a tendency to mark their territory which would make for an unclean environment. Should your cat be dangerous or unusually aggressive we’d also recommend you to let them stay in their own room. For obvious reasons, we cannot board any cats with serious contagious conditions.

If your cat has medication and needs to be administered, call ahead for further information. We do not administer injections.

All medication must be in its original packaging and clearly labeled with the type of medication and dosage. Over the counter medications can only be accepted when accompanied by a veterinarian’s dosage recommendation.

Discounts are given according to how long your cat is staying with us.

You can send us a WhatsApp message any of our branches nearest to you with the dates you need so we can check on the availability of rooms/slots. You will need to fill out our reservation forms on your arrival to our cat hotel. Accommodation will only be guaranteed once confirmation received via WhatsApp/over the counter from our staff.

We only take in walk-ins depending on the availability of the rooms/grooming slots. If our rooms/grooming slots are full, our staffs will suggest you to make an appointment on another day.

We have four branches across Selangor and Petaling Jaya. We are in Damansara Perdana, Shah Alam, Wangsa Maju, and Bangi.

Our guests are served twice daily, morning and early evening. We feed our guest Royal Canin Fit 32. If your cat has special dietary requirements, we welcome owners to provide their pet’s favorite brand and we will make sure our guest is only served his or her preferred choice of food.

Please ensure you use a proper pet carrier. We are happy to store it for you during your holiday so it’s ready for you at collection time. Remember to mark it clearly with your full name with the sticker we will provide for you during check-in.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you decide to enjoy a few extra days on vacation. In all cases we will do our best to accommodate your cat for the additional time you are away but, of course, this will be subject to availability. Any additional fees will be charged upon collection of your cat.

If your cat has problems with aggression, we would appreciate honesty. It does not mean that we will not board or groom your cat but we would like to meet your pet and see if we get along. If your cat is aggressive towards strangers, we can possibly work together to help him/her feel comfortable in our presence, prior to boarding.

Yes. We will provide them pinewood as their litter. We have never had a cat have any trouble with this. They understand right away.

When you drop off your cat that day, the same night is charged as one day. The boarding rate is charged PER NIGHT (regardless of the time of arrival).