Known for a feline-care industrial leader in the pet industry which 5-star cat hotel designed exclusively to provide maximum comfort and high-class grooming services for cats. Catzonia captures the attention of the viewers by embracing the glamorous interior design of modern concepts which provides built in temperature-controlled rooms, king-size beds, a dreamy playground and gourmet chow served to fulfil the needs of the furry friends regardless of breeds. Catzonia is the heart of all cats because we believe in making them happy and healthy while you’re away on duties or relaxing on a well-deserved vacation.

Catzonia Branch


Shah Alam

Wangsa Maju


With the rise in the demands for modern concept living for cats, Catzonia manage to open up 4 main branches in the hearts of Klang Valley area. The branches are located in Bangi, Shah Alam, Wangsa Maju and Damansara Perdana. The number of rooms varies from each branch in accordance to popular demands of the area. In the future, Catzonia aims to open up more branches inside and outside of the Klang Valley area into the state of Malaysia such as Johor and Melaka


Besides having different categories of rooms akin to a real hotel cat owners to choose from – ranging from Economy to Super VIC – Catzonia also provides grooming services.

Some of the rooms are equipped with closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs) so that cat owners can watch and check on their beloved felines from their smartphones. Because we know 40% of our customers are frequent travellers. They always don’t want to miss out on any ca-tastics moments of their cats.

Help your feline friends stay happy and healthy with a bath that includes a premium shampoo specially formulated for cats.

We use premium imported shampoo and a conditioner. The quality is very different. This shampoo is also commonly used for Show Grooming worth RM300 and above. As cat lovers, we strictly understand that our feline friends need a very good pampering.

Here at Catzonia, we provide premium way to pamper them by our professionally trained groomers. Our premium grooming includes feline manicure and spa too!

Super Premium Meals to ensure cats maintain a very good health and grow attractively, Catzonia feed them with Royal Canin Fit 32.

Full care, attention, tender and love for customers’ cats by our cat lover staffs! Feel like home when boarding with us. Wipe away all the worries!

Soon to transcend passion and love towards attributing modern concepts interior designs and feline natural organic products, Catzonia will soon established exclusive veterinary care services that aims to provide attentive health-care services that prioritize the health and the welfare of all feline breeds during boarding as well as routinely medical check-up.

Our CCTV inside VIC, VVIC and SUPER VIC Room are specially for our customer to connect them with their furry friends when they go abroad because we know how it feels like to miss our furry friends. You can even hear their voices and talk to them at the same times!



- To prioritize maximum comfort for any kinds of felines and breeds that embraces the modern and nature concept.
- To transcend our passion for professional business and unconditional love for cats in order to become one of the industry’s leading pet care provider. VALUE OF CATZONIA

We are a genuine to our brand, purpose and values. We stand in pride with the mission and vision that Catzonia carries in order for a prosperous nourishment for the cats. We are transparent and will do the right thing because Catzonia is a real company with meaningful stories to share.

We are honest and persistent towards the adherence of our strong principal and values. Catzonia believes that integrity is the basic foundation of each character that shapes us into consistently devoting towards our words. We take our eveyday commitment very seriously and shall alwaysstrive for the success that Catzonia has attained. Catzonia is a company of honor and shall stay true to our words.

“We are in this together”, is the foundation of our belief while working in a diverse company. Diversity allows opportunity for the Catzonia to discover amazing commonalities than surface difference. From different kinds of breeds and cats that Catzonia has cared for, we extremely believe that we look out for each other and can’t do this alone.

Indeed, we are always cheerful and joyful towards what we do but at the same time, we are creative. Because life should be fun! Our everyday task is dealing with one of the most adorable creatures on the planet, thus being playful and creative are two successful combos.