Catzonia is a franchisor brand under certified members of the Malaysian Franchise Association, PNS and KPDNKK.

The company is spread across 4 core disciplines with franchising, Hospitality Servicing (Cat hotel & Spa), R&D, and Pet Wellness servicing.

We are looking forward to collaboration with professionals and players in Pet industry who have the same vision as us; to grow fast and to make the pet world better and greater.

Catzonia family believe, we have to if not a leader in the industry, at least we spark the movement to give/serve the best to our 3.5 millions consumers (and spread our service to other 1billion potential consumer globally)

Hence, Catzonia believes we need to unite and share our expertise earliest possible. For Pet Shop Owners, Vet Clinics Owners and Veterinarians of Malaysia, this is the time for us to shine.