1) I hereby agree and give full authority to board our cat(s) for the best possible care such as eating, drinking and monitoring the health of the cat(s) during the boarding period.

2) My cat(s) has/have been vaccinated according to the schedule set by a qualified veterinary clinic. I agree that my beloved cat(s) will not be vaccinated first because my cat(s) is/are healthy and if there is a virus attack or immune system problem occurs suddenly during the period of boarding, Catzonia will immediately inform the owner of the cat(s) for treatment. If the virus from the cat(s) infect another cat(s), therefore the full responsibility and cost of treatment will be bear by the owner of the cat(s) which has caused the problem.

3) I will not blame the management of Catzonia or Catzonia’s representative(s) that is/are responsible by reason of (2) or any event that cannot be avoided. I also give permission to the management of Catzonia or any representative to send my cat(s) to a veterinary clinic panel appointed for the purpose of medical treatment. I will bear all costs of medical treatment immediately.

4) Catzonia shall not be liable for any illness or lice infection that occurs during the check out period of my beloved cat(s). Catzonia also shall not be liable for any loss of cat(s) or the death of cat(s) during the period of boarding or after the period of boarding from Catzonia.

5) Catzonia shall not be liable if there is a change of cat(s)’ attitude and the after-effect of check out afterwards. If your cat(s) is pregnant without your consent or permission, the newborn kitten(s) will be taken care at our best and the owner of the cat(s) will be compensated with RM50 for each kitten and the kitten(s) shall be handed over to Catzonia.

6) If there is an extension of the boarding period, I will contact and inform Catzonia immediately and agree that updated payment will be made on a weekly basis. If Catzonia does not receive call from the owner within 7 working days or has an outstanding payment of more than 7 days, this automatically shows that I allow Catzonia to send my cat(s) to the address provided by me in this form and Catzonia will not be liable if anything happens to the cat(s).

7) I will be fully liable if my cat(s) has been left at the wrong address due to me providing the wrong address and wrong phone number. If this happens, Catzonia has the right to sell the cat(s) or give away the cat(s) to other cat lovers if I cannot be contacted or failed to be contacted by Catzonia after 2 weeks from that period.

8) Catzonia has the right to report the matter (7) to the police on the basis of security and take legal action.