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Not sure what gift seems meaningful and special for your cat-loving friends? Just pick up a Catzonia Gift Card and let them choose from the variety of services and products offered by us.

How does it work?
You can use this Gift Card exactly like cash to make any purchases at any of our stores. The card cannot be used on the website The value of the Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash.
Buy it online or in stores!

Terms & Conditions

- This Gift Card is valid for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase
- Catzonia Gift Cards is valid for use only once during the validity period. If the value of your purchased items is less than the value of the Gift Card, the remaining value will be forfeited and not redeemable. If the value of the purchase exceeds the value of the Gift Card, the difference can be made up with another form of payment.
- Unredeemed Catzonia Gift Cards will expire after the validity period and strictly no extension
- No minimum spend required
- Catzonia Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other Catzonia Gift Cards
- Catzonia Gift Cards cannot be used with any other voucher in a single transaction at the time of checkout
- Catzonia Gift Cards are transferable
- Catzonia Gift Cards will not be replaced/reimbursed if lost, stolen, damaged or expired
- Catzonia Gift Cards cannot be cancelled/refunded
- Catzonia Gift Cards cannot be charged/reloaded