Are your furry babies suffering from these?

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4 steps towards a healthier lifestyle
(Skin Analysis + Degreasing + Mud Masking + Relaxing)
Free Hair Serum and Aroma oil

With the benefits of the Dead Sea Mud, professionally-formulated premium shampoos, relaxing massage with Aroma Oil under the Infrared Light Therapy - only the best for your precious furry friends.

What is Muddington Treatment with Infrared Light Therapy?

Nano-sized mud particles from the Dead Sea enable it to absorb effectively and remove dirt, grimes, and other impurities from the skin. Thus, resulting in relieving inflammation and improving skin moisture. Flower-scented Aroma Oil provides a calm environment for the cat, resolving sudden aggression and improving the feel-good hormone. The hair serum enhances the coat's smoothness, preventing tangle and minimising breakage.

Introducing! New technology in cat grooming and spa - Infrared Light Therapy

Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy


Lanolin and glycerin formulated degreaser is used to effectively remove difficult stains like oil, grease, tar, or even glue, by gently lifting them from your cat's hair and skin without affecting the skin's natural moisture.

Mud Masking 

The average size of a mud particle is 10 microns (highly porous) which enables mud to effectively absorb and remove dirt, grimes and other impurities from the skin. It contains minerals like magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, and bromine, which help relieve fungal or bacterial infection, allergies and inflammation. Adding flower-scented Aroma Oil into the mud can help induce calm and relaxation during the process.

Infrared Therapy Massage

Infrared light can penetrate deep into your cat's tissues, muscles, tendons and bones to improve blood circulation. Hence, this will promote a faster healing process, encouraging skin regeneration. By delivering an energy boost to the cells, Infrared Light helps stimulate collagen production. 

Highly recommended for cats with

See the Difference 

[Results are highly dependent on the severity of the skin problems]

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Muddington Treatment RM179 (Pay Deposit RM20)
Muddington Treatment RM179 (Pay Deposit RM20)
Muddington Treatment RM179 (Pay Deposit RM20)
Muddington Treatment RM179 (Pay Deposit RM20)
Muddington Treatment RM179 (Pay Deposit RM20)

Muddington Treatment RM179 (Pay Deposit RM20)

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